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What are the possibilities when building a community from scratch?

Last week I got the opportunity to participate in the Naked Development Forum hosted by Serenbe and Kalu Yala.  The entire day was focused on exploring the different ways to answer the question: How does one build community? I attended a session led by Ed Everett (who is the city manager responsible for the awesomeness […]

Community Takes All Kinds

I had lunch last week with a friend from high school. He also works for state government, in a building a block from my building.  We decided to meet on the corner and walk to a nearby deli.  On the way to the deli, we were approached no less than 3 times by homeless men […]

In Honor of World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day was yesterday and over the course of the day, I thought about how HIV/AIDS have affected my life. It wasn’t until today that I actually got a chance to get anything on paper. When I was in middle school my uncle, who lived with my family, started to go blind.  It started […]

Social Media: An explanation for public organizations (Part One)

  Social Media. Does your organization need it?  Do you have customers, clients, or citizens or other audiences with which you want to communicate?  Do you wish your message could reach a wider audience?  Do you sometimes need to get information disseminated quickly?  Are you looking to engage and enable your base?  Do  you want […]

People make the place. Change the people, change the place.

A new job has brought me to Atlanta, and I’m in the process of looking for a new home.   In Atlanta, sprawling metropolis that it is, where you live largely determines what you do.  It’s fun to be young and professional in a city, but it is only fun if you live in the right […]

Take the time to design

I want everything I own, sit on, drive in, drive on, drive through, play with, touch – use in any way-to be well and thoughtfully designed. That doesn’t mean I need 18k gold chairs. It means that I want the things I buy and use to be purposeful and pretty.

Got shrinkage?

Flint, Michigan is one example of, probably, hundreds of cities that are dying; high unemployment, the foreclosure crisis, and young people and families moving out of town have left whole neighborhoods is decline. Last year I drove through neighborhoods in Detroit and observed that on many streets, for every occupied home there were three or four that were vacant and boarded up.

I was saddened by the sight, especially as I’d always thought of Detriot as the quintessential city. As I drove out of town, I started to brainstorm ways that depressed communities, like Flint, Detroit, and many others around the country, can regenerate themselves.

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