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Community Takes All Kinds

I had lunch last week with a friend from high school. He also works for state government, in a building a block from my building.  We decided to meet on the corner and walk to a nearby deli.  On the way to the deli, we were approached no less than 3 times by homeless men […]

Why I Carry Doritos Even Though I Don’t Eat Them

Once my homeless lady friend asked me for food instead of money I scoured my home in search of potential food items that we wouldn’t miss.  My family doesn’t have much money, so there isn’t much extra. I often buy those potato chip multipack with Lays, Fritos, Cheetoos, Sun Chips and Doritos. I noticed that […]

Where Do The Homeless Go In The Winter?

This past winter was one of the hardest that Atlanta had ever seen. During the flooding rains, icings, and snow and wind storms, I worried about my homeless lady friend. Weeks went by and I thought maybe she’d found a shelter and was no longer on the street. Eventually I saw her again, and I […]

My Friend, the Homeless Lady

When I first started working in downtown Atlanta, on my drive to work, I noticed the tent cities that were under the overpasses.  While walking between state government buildings, I saw and was sometimes accosted by the downtown homeless. There are a couple of churches where half a dozen homeless men loiter on the front […]

Homeless in the City

I’m surprised by the differences in the ways that homelessness and homeless people are treated. In the past year, I’ve become acutely aware of the visible homeless in the cities that I’m in. Over the past year, I’ve observed the way the homeless are treated in Atlanta, Nashville and San Francisco. In San Francisco, the […]

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